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Irene Amayuelas - Professional Make Up

Once again, we renew for the third time Irene Amayuelas's website, which we created in 2003 and renewed in 2006.

This time we have created a dynamic web page in all aspects, integrating a blog (MoreThanWeb technology) and creating a responsive layout, adapted to mobile, tablets and desktop, respecting the mobile-first philosophy.

We have opted for a very simple and clean design in pastel colors, without overloading the page content to ease reading .

All contents of the website are 100% managed by the owner of the website through our own content management system (Adminbox) and can perform all web management tasks from her laptop and from her iPhone.

Also note that the development of the layout we first used the Ruby Sass + Compass + technology, which has greatly facilitated the development and that we have established for the development of future projects. This has allowed us to develop the site in just about 2 weeks.

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