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User manageable websites. What is a CMS?

Content Management System or CMS, for its acronym in English, is a system from which we can modify or add content to our website without the need for programming or web design skills.

User manageable websites. What is a CMS?

Actual uses for a CMS

From the point of view of the user, a CMS would allow us, for example, to write articles in our blog, add pictures, change or add text to our website, without being programmers or designers. The level of knowledge we need is basically the same to write or edit files with Microsoft Word.


Reduced long term costs. With a CMS need not pay a programmer to be modifying the contents of our website which is a long-term savings.

Minimum Infrastructure. Basically all we need is to use an internet connection, so we can manage our web content from home, the office, or from any computer connected to the Internet.

Ease of installation. In general what usually installed a programmer or designer, but also often common for web hosting companies offer packs that are installed with a click providing the maximum the task.

Free CMS's

For example Wordpress , Joomla , Drupal or Prestashop , which are some of the most popular CMS, and with a huge amount of documentation and tutorials available on the internet.

They cover most needs that we have for a web page, like having a blog with a comments section, or an online catalog.

Expandable with Plugins. There are usually installable modules or "Plugins" that extend the functionality of the CMS. It gets a bit more complicated for a medium user when it comes to introducing very specific functionalities to a website.

Usually slow. Since it tries to cover the maximum possible numbein r of users, often contain an excessive amount of code, which makes them usually slow and inefficient to run a website with CMS made.

Security issues. These modules can easily have security holes difficult to detect that may expose our website and its contents if we don't make a deep review of the code.

Tailored CMS AdminBox

Here at Morethanweb.es we developed our own CMS and called it AdminBox whose main advantages are the ease of use, security , speed , user control and the fact of being hand coded to exactly fit each project it is included in.

We recommend this option if you want a high quality website or online store.

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