About us

About our work process and customer benefits

Who we are

We are a team of programmers and designers who average between 12 and 16 years of professional experience in web development for SMEs and freelancers.

We are creative, innovative and perfectionist, we master the latest web development technologies and techniques to experiment with new forms of communication and develop quality projects that stand above your competitors. We spend a lot of time to keep up to date because that is what we like.

We can develop any type of project, our knowledge and our ability to develop permits us so. Let us know what's your idea and soon we will have it in the cloud.

Our way of working is very flexible, we adapt and advise you according to your needs, using a close language so we understand each other easily.

We are deeply  involved in every project, analyzing and extracting strengths in order to get maximum performance depending on the type of project.

How we work

These are the development phases of a tailored project:

  • The project idea
    The project idea  is presented to us, along with an outline, structure or other information.
  • Analysis and advice
    We study to refine the final structure of the project and inform of the rates corresponding to this project.
  • Design and visual communication
    Graphic design proposals and communication elements that should be in the website .
  • Style and layout
    We build a model of the main structure of the website pages  based on the graphic design agreed and we present a demo from a live test server .
  • CMS Development ( Backend )
    If you need a content management system , we develop it adapted to the project requirements .
  • Programming page ( frontend )
    We code each of the sections of the page to give them functionality.
  • Function test
    We jointly conduct the necessary tests to ensure a proper funcionality of the project.
  • Commissioning
    Once the project is completed, it is uploaded to the final domain and goes live. Then it is submitted to search engines and other web services .


To develop our projects we use the most standard and effective open source technologies for web development, under GNU GPL license. We also develop according to the W3C specifications.

  • HTML 5 - We create semantic data structures for search engines to better "understand" the contents on each page in order to achieve higher relevance.
  • CSS 3 - We define the visual appearance of the web pages and create eye-catching visual effects with user interaction .
  • Responsive - We make the website to adapt accordingly to each of the devices where it is displayed in: computer, tablet or mobile .
  • Javascript / Jquery - Programming language we use to improve the way in which the user interacts with the web page interface .
  • PHP - programming language we use when we have to process information and store (or read) in the database , among other things .
  • MySQL - Database Service, used to store and organize all the information that can be managed by our clients.
  • Apache - Web server with which the browser communicates each time you open a web page. We configure it to optimize the your website performane.
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